Who are you? 

I’m Josh. I’m a 41 year old father of two who is always on the verge of existential crisis. I work, grudgingly, in software development but not in the cool, sexy part. I’m the backend guy that is under appreciated and under paid.

Why are you here? 

The age old question. I’m still trying to figure it out in the big picture. As for the website, I just want somewhere to write about the things I like and maybe show off my crap art.

What are you like? 

I’m somewhat of a optimistic cynic. I want to make the world a better place. I want to be a better person. I want to do all the things. I have trouble finishing what I start. I love notebooks and writing implements. I am decent at trivia (Hobo Goat Family 4 Life). I hate to lose. I’m medicated. I’m impatient. I try to be a good dad and husband, but I make mistakes.